“Our clients come from a variety of business sectors...”
“... these include: leisure and fitness centres,
shopping centres/malls and car parks...”
“... small and large offices, night clubs/venues,
schools and school kitchens.”
“... we’re also managing agents for: shopping malls’ communal areas, food prep/production areas.”
“... we also clean: marquees/outdoor events, garages & storage units, warehouse/self-storage communal areas.”

Our clients come from a variety of business sectors including:

Leisure and Fitness Centres
Shopping Centres & Malls, Car Parks
Small & Large Offices
Night Clubs & Venues
Schools & School Kitchens

We are also Managing Agents for:

Shopping Malls’ communal areas
Food Preparation/Production areas

We also clean:

Marquees & Outdoor Events
Garages & Storage Units
Warehouse/Self-Storage communal areas

Train station Car park Nightclub Shopping mall Marquees
Swimming pool
Fitness centre
Theatre chairs Man exercising Classroom Kitchen Warehouse/Self-Storage