“We offer a wide variety of services
including office cleaning...”
“... communal area cleaning, kitchen and office deep-cleansing, leisure centre cleaning...”
“... post-building work cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning...”
“... hard floor maintenance; wood and vinyl floor stripping, sealing and polishing...”
“... provision and servicing of roller towels and feminine hygiene bins...”
“... we can also provide a variety of consumables; soap, paper towels etc...”
“... telephone sanitising, computer and peripheral cleaning.”

We offer a wide variety
of services including:

  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Uphostery cleaning
  • Kitchen & Office deep-cleansing
  • Warehouse & Industrial Unit deep-cleansing
  • Post-Building work cleaning
  • Hardwood floor maintenance
  • Vinyl floor stripping, sealing and polishing
  • Specialist floor cleaning
  • Provision & Servicing of feminine hygiene bins
  • Consumables: soap, paper towels etc.
  • Telephone sanitising
  • Computer & Peripheral cleaning
Empty square boardroom & desk Swimming pool Man cleaning airport window Brushing wooden floor Spray guns Soap suds Telephone
Cleaning equipment small - sponges, brushes, liquids
Outside bench
Outside office Gym Man changing light bulb Sweeping wooden floor Cloths Scourers Calculator